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The historical city of Isfahan with the 550 Sq. Kilometers area, about 2 million people as Isfahan provincial capital considered to be one of the oldest world-renown metropolis. Presently, Isfahan is also recognized as an Islamic-Iranian civilization capital, and a cultural, economic, tourism hub twinned with 15 other world cities. It hosts numerous illustrious historical monuments and sites from different periods. It was also registered as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage site and announced as a new member of the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO on December 11, 2015.

Considering the pioneering spirit in Isfahan’s history, cultural background in sync with IT development worldwide, Isfahan municipality to prompt, timely services to its citizens and various districts; in 1991 the Isfahan Municipality Statistical & Computer Services Center was launched, which in 2007 changed name to Isfahan Municipality Information & Communications Technology Organization (IMICT). Persian Acronym: FAVA.

IMICT from its inception undertook the responsibilities of providing mechanized and online Information and information technology for all municipal administration related services. In recent years, the IMICT has been vigorously paid attention to standardizing processes and utilizing the latest innovation and know-how in providing services, and in quest of realizing the “1400 vision plan”, in 2022 organization goals presented.