Data Center



The Municipal Data Center

Given that in the world of science and technology, information and data are considered as a capital and due to the high cost of procurement, production, maintenance and updating; it is necessary that their storage place has proper conditions and in accordance with international standards. The Isfahan ICT Municipality Organization is responsible for this vital responsibility.

The more the municipality becomes digtizal, the more secure the location to keep information and equipment as the most important infrastructure for providing the desired and permanent services to the municipality and citizens becomes paramount.

In this regard, the existence of a data center or a data center is a safe place, with appropriate conditions for ventilation, electricity, fire alarms, fire alarms, daily and monthly maintenance services.

This is despite the fact that the previous data center of Isfahan Municipality was designed and commissioned about 25 years ago, based on the needs and standards of the past, and by equipment depreciation, high energy consumption, lack of parts, and to increase the confidence coefficient; to improve and improve it. The center was felt. Meanwhile, with the development and development of municipal services and equipment, the past conditions did not have the capability and capacity to cover the future needs of the municipality, and it was necessary to upgrade the capacity and conditions of these equipment in accordance with the needs of the municipality.