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The Isfahan Municipality ICT (IMICT) department focuses on delivering the best promising technology solutions to meet all City management needs by connecting and engaging all the Isfahan Municipality stakeholders. IMICT functions as the primary source for all City Municipal Administrations technology resources throughout the 15 districts and delivers services to the citizens in the most cost-effective fashion. Our mission is to provide an open and reliable supply of technology services to all City Departments contributing to a financially systematic effective City government.

Vahid Heidarian

Date of birth: 12/09/1977

Place of birth: Isfahan,Iran

Telephone: +98-31-36617325

Mobile: +98-9133179918



Personal Profile


I inspired to lead an organization for the 21st century, facilitating to usher Isfahan municipality to stAs Managing Director of City of Isfahan municipality ICT department (IMICT) am responsible for furnishing entire ICT services to all municipal districts. I inspired to lead an organization for the 21Smart Sustainable future city.

I have served in a wide variety of public and private managerial capacities in computer realm. I am enthusiastically endeavoring to improve my personal and professional knowledge in order to be an effective frontrunner at my undertakings.


Education: Bachelor of Science, Azad University branch of Najafabad - Software Engineering, : Sep1995-Sep 2000 ( ),
NajafAbad, Isfahan, Iran


Professional Experience

  • Director of City of Isfahan municipality IT department ( 2015-present)
  • Iran Metropolitans Commission Secretariat
  • National Computer Society International relations liaison
  • Urban & Administrative mechanization Inspector & auditing officer for municipalities
  • Esfahan Municipality ICT strategic Broad member
  • Regional university Collage University Computer courses Faculty member
  • Chakad software services, President
  • Computer Science instructor, Isfahan Azad University

  • IT Instructor in IT institutes & Vocational school, Tehran and Isfahan Provinces

  • Najafabad Islamic Azad University, board of director Computer & Electronic Scientific and Research Association

  • Isfahan Municipality District 1, GIS Department manager

  • Isfahan Municipality District 1, urban development Secretariat

  • Isfahan Municipality Urban development Informatics bureau manager

  • Isfahan Municipality Information & Communication Technology Vice prevention Revival Committee member

  • Isfahan Municipality Science symposium judge

  • Presenting ICT and GIS Article in
    international Symposiums

  • Isfahan Steel Smelting Complex Company ICT consultant

  • Isfahan planning Document 95drafting committee member

  • Isfahan Municipality 2nd and 3rd information & communication Technology Drafting committee member