Education & Training


About the Center:                                                                                                                             


ICTIM Training Center Vision:

           Excellence in providing education and training services in the field of information and communication technology in the urban areas of the country

ICTIM Training Center mission mission:

Providing ICT Education and Training in order to accelerate the realization of Isfahan e-city and e-citizen goals.

  1. Isfahan Municipality ICT Organization Educational center, providing education services and training courses in IT, aims to create the necessary educational backgrounds in order to realize the municipality and the Isfahan e-city, and to provide the necessary skills and abilities among the municipal staff ,first, and citizens.

  2. This center endeavor to on facilitating and disseminate , and receiving of training and education services using modern technologies, i.e., e-learning.

  3. The Center is trying to strengthen the training and education and motivation necessary for moving towards the realization of the e-municipality and the e-city on the one hand among the relevant authorities and on the other hand for the citizens. The Center seeks to improve its annual performance in a dynamic and competitive environment, with a firm belief and respect for customer orientation, customer loyalty, and design and delivery of new products and services.