A New Routing Approach for Performance

Abstract— Wireless  sensor  networks  are  operated  with  the
aim  of  collecting  data  in  a  vast area.  These  constitute  a  large
number  of  sensor  nodes  with  limited  energies  which  are
dispersed  throughout  a  geographical  area.  Wireless  sensor
networks are designed to work in tough outdoor conditions and
harsh  environment  and  they  are  always  susceptible  to  potential
faults  and  data  transfer  delays.  Sensor  nodes  are  susceptible  to
damages  caused  by  discharge  of  energy  and  to  disrupted
communication  lines.  Network  topology  and  transfer  routes  are
designed to meet these imperatives and not to meet requirements
such  as  energy  efficiency,  network  functionality  and  eventually
functional longevity