A New Suggestion for Improvement of Mesh

Abstract In this paper we discuss about 3 general issues on
mesh topology in "networks on chip"(NOC): Utilizing multi-level
mesh for delay reduction, using route by considering the mesh
topology concept, and finally an optimal model of mesh topology
named "multi-level mesh topology" which is defined based on

5-layer network model is suggested. In multi-level mesh topology
we can see that this architecture reduces delay and power
consumption in NOC and increases communication efficiency in
high traffic applications (delay of two-level meshes with
dimension of 3*3, 5*5, 7*7 is decreased 1.25%, 1.22% and 1.25%
respectively, in comparison with ordinary mesh). The advantages
of routing from origin vis-à-vis distributed routing include
consecutive reaching packet to the destination, faster and simpler
designation of router, and possibility of combination of the
routers in one route. We offer a method by which the routes can
be calculated in such a way that dead lock less routing is obtained
by interchanging main nodes, so that we can reach to an optimal