Open Data in Sustainable Urban Development Play a Major Role

Managing director of Isfahan Municipal Organization, IMICT (FAVA): Open data in sustainable urban development play a major role

Vahid Heydarian stated: "One of the requirements for achieving the sustainable development goals in any society is the transparency and accountability of policymaking public institutions that would form and flourish through Open Government Data-OGD.

He added: "Open data means those information that are automatically distributed without restriction to any person in the community with to security and privacy considerations.

Referring to Isfahan Municipality's emphasis on the need for transparency in the performance and accountability to citizens, he added: "so, all online information that can be disseminating through the Internet and other ICT platforms is public policy-makers body obligation

Pointing to the most important achievements of the open data of the executive agencies, he also mentioned the following: 1. Promoting the participation of the community in the decision-making process; 2. Reducing the waste of resources; 3. Creating opportunities for innovation and economic growth; Forecasting and predicting, especially in the area of crisis and future proceedings, using Big Data analysis, and the reduction of the gap between people who easily access the data of the executive bodies and those who do not have access, are among these achievements.