Presenting a model for the deployment of ServiceOriented Architecture Governance (SOA

ABSTRACT:  Today's  organizations  are  trying to  use  service-oriented architecture  (SOA)  as a tool
for  IT  and business  alignment,  to maintain their  competitive advantage.  Since the  implementation  of
this  architecture  as  many  challenges  including  the  design  of  decision-making  structure,  determine
the  details  of  the  governance  process,  assess  the  current  status  of  SOA,  organizations  need  a
comprehensive  framework  for  implementing  service-oriented  architecture  and  address  these
challenges.  In  this  paper,  we  define  a  set  of  important  elements  for  a  desired  SOA  governance
framework  and  then  compare  these  elements  in  four  samples  of  international  SOA  governance
frameworks  such as  IBM, Oracle, Open Group, and  Eric A.Marks.  After that  the new  framework of
SOA  Governance  is  proposed  based  on  the  important  elements.  To  use  the  new  model,  the
Information & Communication Technology Department of Isfahan Municipality  has been chosen as a
case study  and  initial  evaluations  have been done  to determine  the  SOA maturity,  SOA governance
maturity,  process  maturity  and  roles  and  responsibilities  of  SOA  governance  processes.  Finally,
some solutions are proposed to improve the determined  levels of maturity  with the alignment of SOA
governance strategy.
Key  Word:  service-oriented architecture,  SOA governance, service lifecycle, SOA maturity, service
portfolio, service solution.