R & D


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Isfahan Municipality ongoing Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) in Isfahan municipality ICT Organization (ICTIM)  is the product of an increasingly robust collaboration and interaction between R & D unit and other units. A further aim of the in ICTIM research is to provide cutting edge information that is intended to facilitate better coordination between our organization units as well as other relevant stakeholders.

R & D mission are in two folds. First, assessing practical Information & Communication Technology knowhow in urban management and municipality districts, providing suggestions and solutions, in the form of projects and plans. In the last two years the focus of our unit has been Smart Sustainable City research. Second, Research and development in organizations, Strategic Business Units (SBUs), namely; Hardware & Networking, Software and GIS units.

In the last two years the focus of our unit has been on Smart Sustainable City research, resulting in publishing a book, “Smart Sustainable City”. Also, held the Isfahan first international seminar, about Smart Sustainable City, in the second day at the The 1st International Exhibition & Festival on New Urban Technologies(ICS2017).