Saint Petersburg Russian holding company visit Fava

Craftteck holding Companies managers and experts from Russia visit Isfahan Municipality ICT Department (Fava)

Isfahan Municipal Public Relations Office reports, on April 21,2018 a group of Russian Craftteck managers and expertsSergey Seydor Kevich, Crafttech /Naunce;Alex Kirichek, Crafttech ;Vitaly Feigago,Crafttech;Naunce;Dmitry Yankovsky, URSA Technologies;Lev Gorovich, Digital vision good LLC): while visiting Isfahan municipality participated in This holding company is formed from several Russian companies operating in the field of information and communication (software, hardware

Isfahan Municipality ICT department managers and experts at the FAVA, discussing bilateral cooperation and collaboration in the visited Fava organization, two sets of common interest were discussed in the ICT areas .joint sessionand network), tourism, waste recycling, etc.

Other company endeavors comprise, providing services pertaining to the data center design and construction, the software and applications development and production, and IT infrastructures development and application of such as servers, storage systems, data security and IT security inside and outside of Russia.

It also provides services in urban areas such as information analysis and video data and secure city services using CCTV systems.